Articles of incorporation

Articles of incorporation of Korean Agricultural and Meteorological Society

Chapter 1 General provisions

Article 1 (name) The company is called the Korean Society of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.

Article 2 (purpose) The Commission aims to promote the study and dissemination of theories and technologies on agriculture, meteorology and forestry meteorology, to contribute to the interests of the general public in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Operation of Public Enterprises, and thereby to national food security and national territory conservation.

Article 3 (Office location)The office of the Conference may be located in the Greater Seoul area and may have branches and committees as needed. The establishment of branches and committees shall be in accordance with separate regulations. To meet the objectives of Article 2, this Committee shall

1. Hold academic presentations, lectures, and discussions 2. Publication of academic journals, technical journals, and books 3. Knowledge dissemination and information exchange on agricultural and forest weather 4. The encouragement and recognition of academic research 5. The strengthening of the ties between academia and industry 6. The promotion of mutual friendship among the members 7. Other projects required to meet the objectives of the plenary session

The second chapter of the book

Article 5 (configuration) This society shall consist of full membership, student council members, group members, subscription members, special members and honorary members.

Article 6 (qualification) Membership of this society is as follows.

1. A full member shall submit a prescribed application for admission as a person in the field concerned with this purpose as specified in Article 2 for approval by the Board of Audit and Inspection. 2. The members of the student council shall complete a prescribed admission procedure as a student at a university (a university) that provides education in the field related to the purposes specified in Article 2 and obtain approval from the school board. 3. The members of the group shall be approved by the Board of Audit and Inspection as entities, schools, libraries, research institutes and other academic organizations that agree with the purpose of this meeting. 4. A subscribed member shall complete a prescribed admission procedure and obtain the approval of the Society as a person who wishes to subscribe to the publication published by this society. 5. Honorary members and special members shall be nominated by the Board of Audit and Inspection and approved by the Board of Directors, and their qualifications shall follow a separate regulation.

Article 7 (duties and rights) Members of the Council shall, according to their qualifications, have the duties and rights set forth in the Election Rights, the Election Rights and other rules.

1. A full member shall have the right to vote, to vote, to participate in the event hosted by this society and to subscribe to publications. 2. Members of the student council have all rights except the right to vote among the members of the school. 3. Subscribed members and group members may participate in all events organized by this society and subscription to all publications issued by this society.

Article 8 (expulsion)
Membership of this society may be suspended by the resignation of a person, and any member who has done anything to impair the honor of the Conference may be removed by the approval of the Board of Directors.

Article 9 (suspension of qualification)
Members who do not pay their dues on time will be disqualified. However, the Board of Audit and Inspection may approve the reappointment when paying outstanding dues.

Chapter 3, Im Won

Article 10 (configuration) The society has the following officials.

1. A chairman 2. A small number of vice presidents 3. Two auditors 4. A chief secretary 5. Some directors (including next president)

Article 11 of the (term)
The term of an officer shall be two years and shall commence from the beginning of the next fiscal year.

Article 12 (senior) The selection of officials shall be as follows.

1. The appointment of the Chairman shall be approved by the General Assembly one year before the commencement of his term, the Secretary General six months before the commencement of his term, and the other officials one month before the start of his term by the Board of Directors from among full members.
If the Conference is not held, approval will be obtained through a letter vote by the members of the National Assembly.
2. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Audit and Secretary General may be vacant by the Board of Directors. The term of the appointed officer shall be the remainder of his predecessor.

Article 13 (job) The executive shall

1. The Chairman shall preside over the meeting and represent the meeting. The Chairman shall be the Chairman of the Conference and Board of Directors. At the time of the Chairman's notice, the appointed vice president shall act on his behalf. 2. The vice-president assists the chairman in his duties. 3. The Audit shall audit all financial units at the plenary session and report to the Conference. 4. The Secretary of State shall preside over the staff meeting and carry out the work of the plenary session.

Chapter 4 Organisation and Meetings

Article 14 (kinds) The Committee shall have a general meeting, a board of directors, a staff meeting and various committees.

Article 15 of the (General Assembly) Meetings shall be organized as regular members and divided into regular and extraordinary sessions.

1. The annual meeting is called by the president every spring. The extraordinary meeting shall be convened by the Chairman when he admits it is necessary, when it is decided by the Board of Directors, or when there is a request of more than one-tenth of a full member. 2. The Conference shall convene its deliberations two weeks before the meeting by posting them in a notice, regular publication, the Internet or newspaper. 3. The annual meeting shall review and determine the following

1) Balance settlement and business in the previous year 2) Business plans and budgets for the next year 3) Confirmation of an executive 4) A revision of the articles of association 5) Matters which are deemed necessary by the Board of Directors 6) Other proposals made by regular members

Article 16 (The Board of Directors)
The Board of Directors shall consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Chief Secretary and Director, and shall convene as necessary to review the following

1) Development and business plan of this conference 2) The selection of executives 3) The establishment of branches and committees 4) A matter of commendation 5) Operation and execution of this meeting 6) Regulations and regulations required for the enforcement of this association's articles of association 7) Matters recognized as necessary by the Board of Audit and Inspection 8) Matters subject to approval by other General Assembly

Article 17 (the board of governors)
The Interrogator's Association shall consist of the Chief Secretary and a few other members of the Secretary.

1. The secretary shall be appointed by the Chairman by recommendation of the Secretary General from among full members and shall serve a term of two years. 2. The organization and work of the Audit Committee shall be set out in a separate regulation.

Article 18 (Commission) The various committees shall be designated under separate regulations.

Article 19 (vote) The meetings and decisions are as follows.

1. The General Assembly shall consist of more than a third of its full members attending and the vote shall be made with the consent of a majority of the members present. A decision by the Board of Directors shall be made by a majority vote in favor of attendance at least two-thirds of the time.
However, if it is not possible to attend the general meeting or the Board of Directors, the delegation of voting rights in writing shall be regarded as attendance.
2. The resolution of other meetings shall be determined by a majority of those present.

Chapter 5, Hokkaido

Article 20 of the (assets) The assets of this meeting shall consist of

1. a membership fee 2. Supporting donation 3. Income from an asset 4. Other income

Article 21 (Budget and Accounts) The Secretary of State shall organize the budget and settlement for the next year and submit it to the General Assembly through the Board of Directors with the consent of the majority of the members present at the meeting.

Article 22 (Fiscal Year) The fiscal year of the plenary is from March 1 to the end of February the following year.

Article 23 (dues) Annual membership fees for this meeting are determined by the Board of Directors and must be paid by 31 March.

Chapter 6 Chick Chick

Article 24 (Amendment to the Articles of Association) Changing this charter requires the consent of at least 2/3 full members attending.

Article 25 (dissolution) When this society dismantles, the assets shall be dealt with by resolution of the Conference.

Chapter 7 Chick

1. This articles of association shall enter into force on the date of approval of the competent authority. 2. The first president shall be chosen at the inaugural meeting.