President’s greeting

Dear Members
of the Korean Society of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology and homepage visitors.
Welcome to our homepage.

On behalf of all the members, I sincerely welcome you to the website of the Korean Society for Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (KSAFM).

The KSAFM is a group of people who explore various academic and practical topics about weather and its relationship
to living things or ecosystems. Since its foundation in 1999, the KSAFM has provided a new venue for exchanges
and discussions on agricultural and meteorological research in Korea, which has remained barren. In addition, various
universities, researchers, related government agencies, and various people in the agricultural, forestry, and
meteorological industries have played a role as a catalyst for comprehensive discussions on each other's needs and
development directions. Our society operates various projects such as annual academic presentations, seminars,
education, and publication of the Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology for your literary and development.

The KSAFM, which has steadily built up its basic strength for the past 30 years, will contribute to society as a venue for difficult
discussions to protect the health and sustainability of agricultural and forest ecosystems from various signs of the climate crisis.

Our society consists of a wide variety of industry, academia, research, and museum members. Diversity leads to confusion and cost, but at the same time, it is also the basis for cultivating high resilience and new inspiration.

I believe that the participation and encouragement of various members in academic activities will contribute to leading
the diversity of our academic society to a positive force. Once again, we welcome you to the website of the Korean Society
for Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (KSAFM) and will do our best to become your beloved society.

The 13rd President of the KSAFM Sin Kyu, Kang, PhD