President’s greeting

Dear Members
of the Korean Society of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology and homepage visitors.
Welcome to our homepage.

On behalf of all members, I sincerely welcome all of you who have visited the website of the Korean Society for Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (KSAFM).

The KSAFM deals with the basic and applied science fields on the relationship between the agricultural and forestry industry, that is, the relationship between the agricultural and forest ecosystem and the weather, which is greatly affected by the weather, and is contributing greatly to field-oriented interdisciplinary research. With the increase in extreme weather caused by climate change and the development of science and technology, the role of our society is also increasing.

Since our foundation in March 1999, our society has made many achievements and developments through the active participation of its members, academic contributions, and the efforts of successive executives. The Journal of the KSAFM published by our society, ranks at the top of the academic journals related to agriculture in Korea in the Journal Citation Impact Index (KCI) annually evaluated by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). The efforts of members are recognized as the quality of the journal.

In the era of climate change, our society is contributing to the achievement of important national tasks such as carbon neutrality and food security, thereby providing an opportunity for a new leap forward. To this end, the society will act as a catalyst so that members of industry, academia, research institutes and governments can achieve greater results through active exchanges and collaborations. In particular, through the academic convergence of the best experts in agriculture, forestry and meteorology, we will become an academic society contributing to achieving the national goals of the Rural Development Administration (RDA), Korea Forest Service (KFS), and Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), which are refered to as the government's three green agencies.

Once again, welcome to the website of the KSAFM, and we will do our best to become a beloved society.

The 12th President of the KSAFM Jaecheol Nam, PhD